Vb updating textbox value

every time a member borrow a book he must return it in 3 days.

About the Fine when a member borrow a book and exceeds it's due date a fine of 10pesos per day will be collected.

Also, you don't need to use the "Set" keyword when you're assigning string values.

The idea was to write a VB app that contained a textbox, then run a process from within the app and redirect the stdout to the textbox. I'm Using vs 2005 with ms access 2003 database and finding myself how to get rid of this error "Syntax Error on UPDATE Statement" can you take a look at my codes below and tell me what's wrong? Public Class Transactions Dim cnn OLEDB As New Ole Db Connection Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Insert As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Update As New Ole Db Command Dim str Connection String = "Provider=Microsoft. Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb" Private Sub Transactions_Load(By Val sender As System. I have been reading through the forums for hours and have tried using the findcontrol method to get the controls and cast them into textboxes to get the values. The error I am getting at that point is: Value of type 'System.

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