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Top quotes "A lot of pairs end up dating one another.It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship.In the pairs discipline, Duhamel and Radford finished in seventh place.Outside the rink When Duhamel is on vacation, she still enjoys athletic activities like playing tennis and baseball, biking, swimming, doing yoga, and playing with her dogs.In the pre-Olympic season, Duhamel and Radford started off strong.They won their two Grand Prix assignments – again in Canada and Japan – and qualified for the Final, where they claimed a bronze medal.They describe themselves as soulmates and say the first time they practiced a throw, they had an epiphany that they could be really good together.Major competitions/ medals Leading into the 2014 Olympics, Duhamel and Radford collected several national titles, six medals on the Grand Prix circuit, and twice qualified for the elite Grand Prix Final.

I used to joke around that I'm the ultimate pair-boy.

The next season, Duhamel and Radford picked up more gold at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy, but grabbed a silver at the Grand Prix Final.

They repeated as national champions and competed only the short program at the Four Continents Championships.

I never had to worry about developing an off-ice relationship." – Radford said after coming out in 2014 “It’s Meagan and Eric’s chemistry, which may not be a romantic chemistry.

It may not be a brother and sister type of chemistry.

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  1. Her ex-Korean boyfriends would patronize her or tell her to stop speaking her mind. So now that you know the deal - where should you go to in Asia if you want to date Asian women? The reason is that for them 'foreign' means 'white'.