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During a tour of Shockwave's off-site laboratory, the Predacon revealed his intelligence and ability to transform to his fellow Cybertronians.

He offered to lead the Predacons on Megatron's behalf as "Predaking", but Megatron was wary of giving control of an army more powerful than his own to someone else.

He was prevented from finishing Optimus off when Megatron instructed him to make sure the target of the Decepticon mission was kept safe, and he had to retrieve Shockwave and a generator from the Solaris particle collider building.

Back on the Nemesis, he found that the Decepticons had captured Ratchet, whom Megatron promised would be his to terminate once the Autobot's usefulness had ended.

Overhearing Megatron's demand that the bone fragment be brought to him, the Predacon complied and left the rest to Starscream.

Back at the Nemesis, the Predacon responded to Starscream's continued orders with a swipe of his tail that missed the Decepticon but demolished the ship's communications array.

Though Predaking was confident he would have an easy victory, Optimus powered up one of the weapons taken from the derelict and warned his opponent that their battle was far from over.

Predaking's confidence faded, and he felt fear for the first time in millions of years.

The last surviving member of his kind may be the most powerful being on planet Earth.

On Starscream's advice, he arranged for the termination of the clones using the Autobots discovering the lab as a pretense.

Predaking fell for the ruse, engaging Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack after they destroyed the clones.

True to Megatron's word, Predaking was presented with Ratchet as a plaything; however, once the Autobot revealed that Megatron had arranged for the Autobots to find Shockwave's lab, Predaking went on a rampage through the ship.

After demolishing every Vehicon in his path, the Predacon attacked Megatron and almost got the better of his former leader.

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