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Sure, you'd HOPE that you were the only person if you developed feelings for them, but you take the same risk that your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever isn't boinking their boss on their lunch break.I am going off on a tangent here but I have read so many stories on these different forums (not just prison based ones) about people being worried their significant other is cheating or up to no good or, good gracious me, actually writing to someone else. All that time worrying about things and getting het up meaning you aren't living the moment and enjoying the relationship and conversely ending up creating a situation where all your fears come true because every letter or phone call is whining about how insecure one feels or throwing accusations out.If it continues or gets more intense and you don't like it, just let them know. Reciprocate if that's what you're into, but caveat emptor and all that. I personally don't see the point in wanting to get into phone calls so early on.As for phone calls, there is no particular time that they'll necessarily ask for them. Pen-pals are supposed to be about written communication.What I'm trying to say is that worrying about that aspect of it is redundant and a wasted emotion in any circumstance.Go with the flow, enjoy writing to him and as soon as you (or he) stop enjoying writing, stop, otherwise it's like never enjoying a spoonful of ice cream because you are counting the calories all the time, and where's the joy in that?I told him that he was sweet and thanked him for the compliments, but I didn't really flirt back.

I sent pictures with my first letters and you would have thought I had done it for a shower of compliments!This is mainly an issue if it's used to get something (money, whatever), is pressing whatever penpal framework / boundaries you've established (have you openly said you don't want a romantic relationship? She might be one of those crazy forum girls that spatters my personal info all over the internet." I jest in order to show that the relationship is two way and he probably has fears too.And goodness me I must be dumb and nasty as heck because I flirt with everything that moves, unsuccessfully of course. Do you get hit on outside of your pen pal relationship?Phone calls can be annoying to set up, difficult to fit into your schedule and yes awkward when you don't really know the other person.Ask yourself why you decided to Write A Prisoner in the first place.

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