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Now, no one else can see any information you send to us, keeping you and your data safe and sound.

In support of Age UK (the combined force of Age Concern & Help The Aged) Wise Owl Dating will be making a donation for the tax year 2016/17 to this well deserved charity.

Paid dating sites are popular as well because these sites offer to assist in the matching of members to other members of similar interests, location, education, religion and more.

The most popular paid dating sites focus on specific criteria such as race and sexual orientation.

First, being honest about your interests at the beginning is important.

If you do not honestly love fly-fishing, don't say you do.

Finally, do not give out your personal information until you get to know someone fairly well.

Olive Dating is an online dating website and friend finder for military singles and those that want to meet them.

Whatever the reason, meeting someone online has become commonplace in today's society.

Many online chat rooms and dating sites are free and only require registration.

Second, if you are going to post a picture or describe yourself, be accurate.

Do not post your high school graduation picture if you are 30.

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