Flash dating time managment game

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Its okay; a fun little game with a small amount of sex but you need to get some library sessions first then spread out between the three venues otherwise you will miss one sex with one of the girls.


At 25, a friend introduced me to “Surfing Finnegans Wake,” in which a nasally man lectures for three hours, ostensibly off-the-cuff, on the psychedelic, boundary-dissolving experience of reading James Joyce.

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This was fun and rather challenging; knowing how to best use the time and resources.

I was able to be with Kate (my favourite), and with Helen from the club. I enjoyed this Very little challenge to this game, and the graphics were not that great.

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The music is the worst part but the graphics are okay and its quite absorbing to do and not as slow as it looked as if it would be Quite good but bit linear and easy, sim date like.

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