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Shortly after our report was aired, the police raids took place and city authorities announced new funding programmes for police to combat child prostitution.

Cuando les informaron que podrían pasar tres años tras las rejas vieron en un abrir y cerrar de ojos cómo su glamorosa y exitosa vida podría derrumbarse.

Police raids rescue children As a result of the Channel 4 News report above, Colombia Virgins for Sale, several police raids have taken place in the city of Medellin to rescue children who are being sexually abused and exploited.

New police funding programmes to combat child prostitution have also been announced by the Mayor of Medellin following the airing of the piece by Guillermo Galdos.

Mayor of Medellin Anibal Gaviria ordered the raids after the report highlighted the grooming of young girls by criminal gangs – and the huge rise of sex tourism in the city.

The mayor says sixteen children who were being held in child sex rings have been rescued and are now being cared for by child protection services. Local media have reported that the raids were prompted by the Channel 4 News film that embarrassed the Medellin government.

They started literally as an office where anyone could hire a hit man.

La Oficina – or “The Office” – is one of the most notorious groups that sprung up.I met several victims of the gangs but most were too scared to go on the record. She lives in one of the poorest barrios in Medellin. They are not the type of people that like cameras or journalists.It took several months of meetings to convince them to allow me to film them.When you are out in the city you realise why he said that.The back streets are full of prostitutes, both male and female.

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Unfortunately the years of evil and greed have marked this city for life, and the beauty hides a violent and disturbing criminal underworld.

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